Green cleaning with a bit of peace, love and happiness!

Green cleaning.  the Zen of Clean uses only the highest quality green and natural cleaning products available.
The cleaning solutions have been personally tested and selected by our zen cleaning techs for their natural ingredients and their ability to clean and disinfect - not to mention their yummy natural aromatherapy fragrances.  Manufactured by "eco-friendly" and environmentally conscious companies which means they are proven to be safe for you and your family members, including the furry ones.  (We don't create homemade products to be used on your valuable furniture and counters.)  The cleaning products we recommend are readily available from local discount stores - so that you may choose a healthier way to clean, too!  Of course, if you have products you prefer to use in your home, please, just ask us.

Green processes. 
the Zen of Clean makes use of cotton and microfiber cleaning towels, keeping paper waste at a minimum. Our microfiber mop system is the same used in hospitals - selected for their bacteria grabbing fibers and silver ion disinfecting properties.  After we clean your floor, the removable mop pads are simply laundered and reused.  We just say "No" to the "yucky" string mop and "dirty" bucket of water method.

. - is just another level of our service.  We will recycle old cell phones, printer ink cartridges, aluminum cans and plastic bottles.  the Zen of Clean donates these items to local charities to be used for fund raising.  We think this is a win-win for all.

Peace... the feeling you get when you come home to a clean, neat, home.

Open the door, take in a deep breath, smell the aromatherapy.  Everything is in its place.  Relax in your chair, put your feet up.
Read the paper or flip through the channels. Take a cat nap.  Doesn't that feel good? 

Not to mention the peace of mind knowing your home has been cared for with products that are good for you and the planet!
This.... is the "Zen" of clean!